Steel Processing

Steel Processing available from GAM Steel

GAM Steel supplies and processes steel Products in the Victorian, Tasmanian, and Southern New South Wales markets.

We are proud to supply, process, and deliver all types of steel products ranging from structural steel, merchant bar, steel pipe, tube, line pipe, and steel plate (via our sister company Calibre Steel) to our customers working in the civil and infrastructure, residential and non-residential building, general fabrication and manufacturing, mining, and renewable energy industries.

State of the art automated steel processing

Our steel processing capabilities will save you time, labour costs and reduce raw material waste. Your semi-finished parts will be ready for final fabrication, assembly, and/or installation, ensuring your projects run on time with optimal efficiency.

The GAM Steel team also have have experience in working with our customers to deliver innovative steel processing design optimisation strategies, helping to minimise costs and reduce waste for your projects.

We aim to streamline the process of project planning, steel supply, and processing, and on-time delivery, making us your complete steel service centre, contact us and we’ll keep your business running smoothly and on time every time.

Our processing capabilities include:

Beamline Processing Services

Automated state of the art beamline station with high-speed drilling, cutting, coping, notching, haunching, slotting, etch marking, spot marking, stitch cutting, HD plasma cutting, stamping, and cambering.

Bandsaw Processing Services

Do All Saws – saw cutting, mitre cutting, and pack/stack cutting.

Steel Plate Processing Services

Oxy profile cutter with 5-head cutting capability cuts up to 200mm thick steel plate.

Customer Benefits

GAM Steel employs the most stringent quality standards in the processing of our steel products. All our processing machinery and systems are supplied in accordance with the highest safety standards and regulations.

Our steel processing capabilities cover a wide range of steel products delivering the following benefits to our customers:

  • Our processing machines are capable of cutting, drilling, marking, stamping, haunching, coping and stitch cutting – fully automated and CNC programmed to ensure accuracy and speed.
  • Robotic, oxy and HD Plasma cutting allowing for complex processing solutions to be undertaken and completed with confidence.
  • Highly skilled machine operators, backed by market leading programmers, estimators and project managers.
  • Steel plate processing services delivered by our sister company Calibre Steel with a Oxy profile cutter with 5-head cutting capability cuts up to 200mm thick steel plate.

GAM Steel Processing Capabilities

GAM Steel – Processing Brochure 2024

Steel processing capability to support your projects


  • Engineering civil construction
  • Non-residential & residential building
  • Commercial
  • Mining infrastructure
  • Transport
  • Manufacturing
  • Energy
  • Defence

We offer the latest technology, which is capable of processing at top speeds and at the highest quality standards.

Need more information

The GAM Steel sales team utilises the latest steel processing capabilities to help you increase efficiency and reduce waste for your projects. 

Our steel products are available in a range of sizes and meet the relevant Australian Standards. Please contact us for all your steel processing requirements.