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Structural Steel

Structural Steel Products available from GAM Steel

GAM Steel is your complete supply chain partner when sourcing your structural steel and processing. Servicing Melbourne, regional Victoria including Ballarat and Geelong, NSW, Wagga Wagga, Albury and Wodonga, and Tasmania with structural steel, welded beams, welded columns, steel channels, structural angles, universal beams, and universal columns. With our own fleet of trucks, GAM Steel can supply all your large-scale structural steel needs, and with our in-house processing machinery including beamline, cambering machine, and various saws, our services cover cutting, drilling, mitre cutting, marking, stamping, CNC programming, oxy cutting, HD plasma cutting, stitch and slot cutting, haunching, coping, notching, and mid-span beam cambering. You can rely on GAM Steel to keep your steel supply chain on schedule.

The right structural steel product when and how you need it

We stock the full range of:

  • Universal Beams and Universal Columns
  • Welded Beams and Welded Columns
  • Tapered Flange Beams
  • Steel Channels – Parallel Flange Channels PFCs
  • Structural Steel Equal Angles and Structural Steel Unequal Angles

The Structural Steel products we supply meet the minimum requirements of Australian Standard AS/NZS 3679.1 2010.

We are a distributor of Liberty Structural Steel and also source other options. Chances are that whatever your business and/or project requirements are – GAM Steel will have it, contact us and we’ll keep your business running smoothly and on time every time.

Structural steel processing capability to support your projects


  • Engineering civil construction
  • Residential & Non-residential building
  • Mining infrastructure
  • Transport and Manufacturing

The GAM Steel Structural Steel sales team utilises the latest processing capabilities to help you increase efficiency and reduce waste for your projects. To reduce your burden of project compliance, all GAM Steel structural steel products are supplied to exacting quality and safety standards.

Structural Steel Products supplied by GAM Steel

Universal Beams and Universal Columns

GAM Steel has invested in a purpose-built facility, designed to house robust stockholdings of large structural steel products such as universal beams and universal columns used to provide structural support in construction applications. With our in-house processing machines, GAM Steel can provide value add processing for all your UBs and UCs, including cut-to-length, drilling, mitre cutting, stitch cutting, slotting, coping, penetrations, and stamping. Universal beams and universal columns are typically used in engineering and construction, building, and infrastructure projects.

Sometimes referred to as H beams, due to their shape, UCs / universal columns, are heavy structural steel products that are typically used in construction projects. Likewise, “I” beams or UBs / universal beams, are often used in building projects to support flooring and roofing. On both products, the middle section is called the web, and the horizontal sections are the flanges. On the universal column products, the web and flange lengths are similar, giving the product its “H” shape, while on the universal beam product, the web is much longer than the flange, resulting in an “I” shape.

View the Hot Rolled Structural and Merchant Bar Environmental Product Declarations (EPD) in our technical library.

Welded Beams and Welded Columns

Welded Beams and Welded Columns are used in heavy engineering projects, where it is critical to correctly support large loads in infrastructure applications. Projects such as bridges, multi-level car parks, mining, and sports stadiums use welded beams and welded columns. GAM Steel stocks a range of welded beams and welded columns in grade 300, and other grades such as 300L15, 400, and 400L15 are available by request. We source our welded beams and welded column products from the highest quality manufacturers certified to ACRS (see our certifications page), including Infrabuild and BlueScope, and these products conform to applicable Australian standards. We also provide a number of value-add processing services, including mid-span beam cambering.

The sheer size of welded beams and welded columns, compared to other structural products, enables engineers to design construction projects to allow for much larger spans, which in turn reduces the need for additional features like piers in road projects, and reduces the overall weight of the structures which may allow for the inclusion of additional floors in buildings to maximise the commercial space. In stadium construction applications, welded beams and welded columns can be used in cantilever sections for multi-levels, awnings, and roofs. Also used in mining infrastructure applications, such as conveyors, mineral processing, heavy equipment, and materials handling. GAM Steel can also source a range of quench and tempered steel plate products often used in mining applications, speak to our team regarding your project requirements.

View the Welded Beams and Columns Environmental Product Declarations (EPD) in our technical library.

Tapered Flange Beams

Tapered Flange Beams come in a similar shape to other structural beams, in an “I” shape, however, they differ from other universal beam products due to the tapered flanges on the beams connecting the web section. The tapered flange design gives the product its strength and resistance to bending movements. Often used in cross sections for girders in construction, tapered flange beams also have many applications in truck trailer bodies.

View the Hot Rolled Structural and Merchant Bar Environmental Product Declarations (EPD) in our technical library.

Steel Channels – Parallel Flange Channels PFCs

Structural steel channels, also called C channels, U channels, and parallel flange channels PFCs, are often used in industrial and commercial buildings, as well as mining and engineering applications. Steel channels are versatile, and usually serve as a horizontal support section or vertically as a brace, and they are often installed over windows and doorframes to support surrounding walls or brickwork in buildings. Available in a range of size combinations and finishes, such as black, DuraGal®, and hot dipped galvanised.

Parallel flange channels PFCs are a key steel channel product used in many fabrication applications, including floor joists and trailer bodies. 

Combined with other structural steel products such as RHS, beams, and columns, steel channels are a general-purpose hot-rolled steel product that has many applications in buildings, such as frames and floors, as well as other applications like trailer manufacturing. The shape of steel channels gives the products their structural strength, and it is often used in applications for framing and bracing.   

GAM Steel supplies quality steel channel products manufactured by InfraBuild. Hot rolled to Australian Standards AS3679.1 from grade 300 plus steel, the product comes in a mill finish and a wide size range to suit many applications.

View the Hot Rolled Structural and Merchant Bar Environmental Product Declarations (EPD) in our technical library.

Structural Steel Equal Angles and Structural Steel Unequal Angles

Structural steel equal angles and unequal angles have many uses in construction projects and are one of the most widely used structural steel products. Often used in applications where support is needed in frames for buildings, they are also useful in many industrial engineering applications to reinforce structures, shelving, framing, and brackets. As the names suggest, structural steel equal angles are characterised by either equal side lengths or unequal.

Structural steel equal angles and unequal angles are available in different finishes to suit end applications. One finish is DuraGal®. DuraGal® angles have a protective coating against corrosion, speak to our GAM Steel team regarding your applications.

View the Hot Rolled Structural and Merchant Bar Environmental Product Declarations (EPD) in our technical library.

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