Civil & Infrastructure

GAM Steel serves the Civil and Infrastructure Industry

GAM Steel excels in facilitating the coordination of supply for civil and infrastructure projects. We recognise the utmost importance of timely deliveries to meet project deadlines. With extensive stockholdings of urgent steel products, alongside impeccable inventory control and warehousing processes, we ensure reliable and prompt supply.

Our reliable systems and knowledgeable steel industry professionals instill confidence in our ability to provide steel solutions to our valued civil and infrastructure clientele.

Our customers in the civil and infrastructure industry require convenient access to steel products to ensure superior quality and compliance with Australian Standards. GAM Steel serves Australian businesses, offering premium quality steel products, processing services, and comprehensive solutions.

Supply solutions offered include complex steel processing, Just-In-Time (JIT Delivery), project delivery, and consignment options for all types of standard, non-standard, and processed steel products to suit civil and infrastructure projects.

Our sales teams collaborate with many suppliers, local and overseas to source specially designed steel grades that go beyond the standard range, catering to unique civil and infrastructure projects. We can also offer various third-party certification options and accommodate non-standard test requirements as needed.

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