GAM Steel serves the Manufacturing Industry

At GAM Steel, we serve the Manufacturing industry sector. Our products include a diverse range of steel products mainly used to make components and parts in the steel manufacturing process to service this key industry.

Our customers in the Manufacturing industry require convenient access to steel products to ensure smooth workflow and minimise production delays. Manufacturing customers engage in repetitive processes, producing items like ductwork, steel furniture, and components that rely on a consistent supply of materials within their workshops.

At GAM Steel, our team possess extensive expertise in delivering steel products to meet the specific needs of our Manufacturing customers. We cater to Australian businesses, offering an extensive range of steel products, processing services, and comprehensive solutions. Our dedicated team adeptly manages the coordination of steel supply and processing, ensuring they align with the unique requirements of our manufacturing clients.

Among our diverse clientele are businesses engaged in manufacturing ducting, washers, stamps, automotive parts, steel furniture and cabinetry, switchboards, lighting products, building materials, and much more. Our sales teams collaborate with many suppliers, local and overseas to source specially designed steel grades that go beyond the standard range, catering to unique manufacturing processes.

We can also offer various third-party certification options and accommodate non-standard test requirements as needed. Additionally, we provide technical support for the materials we source and supply, along with certification and thorough material traceability.

RHS products for shed and transportable home manufacturing

Shed manufacturing customers design and engineer sheds for many different requirements. Many are for large-scale sheds that need to be designed structurally to support a lot of weight while enabling maximum internal space.

Agricultural sheds, industrial and commercial applications, and heavy-duty open-span or wide-span sheds all require steel sections to support the structure, flooring, walls, and roofing to meet applicable Australian standards and additional requirements such as wind ratings. Likewise, transportable or demountable homes are manufactured to provide the best combination of design flexibility with efficiency to deliver personalized accommodation options for homes, cabins, and granny flats. These end products need high-quality steel to deliver the best results.

In lighter shed applications or smaller structures, products such as purlins and girts are typically used to support roof sheets and walling products, as well as additional support through the use of universal beam products. These products may not be suitable for some heavy industrial shed requirements or where maximising material efficiency is vital for delivering a competitively priced end product.

With this in mind, GAM Steel now offers a range of Pipe & Tube steel products that can be used as an alternative to offer increased support while potentially reducing the steel required, creating opportunities to reduce project costs.

Pipe & Tube steel products offer a great combination of high-strength and durability, while enabling design flexibility like options to manufacture steel trusses to replace the need for more traditional UBs. This design flexibility allows manufacturing customers to adapt their designs to suit their customer’s needs while meeting the required strength and durability benefits.

Combine the benefits of galvanised coating for corrosion resistance, and product traceability for peace of mind, GAM Steel’s range of 200mm x 50mm RHS in various thicknesses gives shed manufacturing customers the flexibility to design and engineer high-quality sheds to meet their end user’s specific needs. Along with the product range, GAM Steel offers steel processing services to help speed up manufacturing processes, including drilling, cutting, and weld-prep.

Key Benefits

  • Large stockholdings for fast delivery, keeping manufacturing processes running smoothly
  • Traceability – test certificates available for compliance and peace of mind
  • Galvanised for corrosion protection

RHS Product Range available now from GAM Steel

  • 200x50x2.5
  • 200x50x3.0


  • Drilling and cutting


  • Open-span sheds
  • Sub-floors
  • Demountable homes, modular homes, transportable homes – granny flats, holiday units, guest houses

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