Renewable Energy Industry

Gam Steel serves the Renewable Energy Industry

The Renewable Energy industry is experiencing rapid growth worldwide. It harnesses natural resources such as wind and solar power to create a replenishable energy source. The advancement of renewable energy technologies is a focal point, emphasising the efficient generation, storage, and distribution of renewable energy to the grid.

Australia’s renewable energy sector is emerging as a vital industry, with renewable energy targets a key focus for Government and private investors. Our dedicated team at GAM Steel caters to the needs of businesses involved in Renewable Energy projects, offering premium quality steel products and value-added services. We excel in coordinating the supply and processing of steel products to meet the demanding timelines of renewable energy projects. Ensuring adherence to project milestones, our teams provide technical product support, certification, and meticulous material traceability, delivering first-class customer service to our customers.

Our Renewable Energy customers engineer innovative solutions to address Australia’s growing renewable energy demands, including developing wind and solar farms. By partnering with GAM Steel, you can access our offerings comprising high-quality steel products, processing, and value-added services.

We also provide various third-party certification options and accommodate non-standard test requirements. Our reliable systems and knowledgeable steel industry professionals provide confidence in our ability to provide steel solutions to our valued clientele. Supply solutions offered include complex processing, Just-In-Time (JIT Delivery), and consignment options to suit renewable energy projects.

Additionally, we provide technical support for the materials we source and supply. Our sales teams collaborate with many suppliers, local and overseas to source specially designed steel products and grades that go beyond the standard range, catering to unique building processes.

Steel tube and structural sections for solar tracking systems

GAM Steel is perfectly positioned to provide the steel tube products and processing services large and medium solar tracking systems manufacturers need to complete solar farm projects.

Steel tube products are used across the solar industry for constructing solar tracking systems that support the solar panels and tracking mechanism. Steel provides a solid, long-lasting structure for solar panel tracking systems to weather the elements, with galvanised steel providing an excellent option for corrosion resistance.

Steel products commonly used in solar tracking systems include

  • I Beams
  • RHS
  • SHS
  • U Beams

Solar panel mounting systems and supporting structures made with quality steel products supplied by GAM Steel have the added benefits of dealing with a local Australian steel distribution business, product compliance and traceability, and value-added processing services to keep projects on track.

GAM Steel stocks a large range of steel tube and structural steel products sourced from the highest quality steel mills, including Australian-manufactured steel tube products and structural steel sections. This enables solar tracking manufacturers to source Australian-made steel tube and other steel products to deliver large-scale solar farms across Australia while meeting local content and compliance requirements.

Solar tracking systems manufacturers can access the full range of steel products needed to deliver solar farm projects, including steel plate, sheet, and coil products used in components and bracketry, through our national network with United Steel, Coil Steels, and Calibre Steel.

GAM Steel’s value-add processing services for solar farms comprise:

  • Beamlines
  • Saws
  • Cambering
  • Profile cutting

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