Transport, Chassis & Trailer Manufacturing

GAM Steel serves the Transport, Chassis & Trailer Manufacturing Industry

Our GAM Steel team has years of industry experience offering supply solutions for customers servicing the transport, chassis, and trailer manufacturing market. Products typically purchased include RHS, angles, merchant bar, and steel plate; and our team knows how to provide your business with personalised supply options to maximise your manufacturing processes.

Our customers in the transport, chassis, and trailer manufacturing industry require convenient access to steel products to ensure superior quality and compliance with Australian Standards. GAM Steel serves Australian businesses, offering top-notch steel products, processing services, and comprehensive solutions.

Supply solutions offered include Just-In-Time (JIT Delivery), consignment options for and processed to length sizes to suit manufacturers of transport equipment.

Among our diverse clientele are businesses engaged in manufacturing chassis, trailers, and transport equipment. Our sales team collaborates with many suppliers, local and overseas to source specially designed steel grades that go beyond the standard range, catering to unique manufacturing processes.

GAM Steel provides technical support, certification, and thorough material traceability for the materials we source and supply. We can also offer various third-party certification options and accommodate non-standard test requirements as needed.

Chassis & Trailer manufacturing steel products – GAM Steel has your business covered

GAM Steel has the range of tubular steel products needed to complete the highest-quality chassis manufacturing. Our team is experienced in assisting chassis manufacturing customers in accessing the very best steel tube and steel tube processing services to keep production lines running smoothly.  

High-quality chassis are an integral part of all caravans to ensure maximum durability and safety. A chassis must support many other components, such as suspension, water ranks, and stabiliser legs, and it is vital to the end caravan product that chassis are manufactured from the highest-quality steel tube products.

Many Australian caravan chassis are manufactured using RHS steel and SHS steel, and GAM Steel stocks a range of these products specifically for our chassis manufacturing customers. GAM Steel has invested in robust stock holdings of the following sizes to ensure our chassis manufacturing customers have fast access to the RHS Steel and SHS steel products they need.

Our chassis steel tube range:

  • RHS 100mm x 50mm x 4mm
  • SHS 50mm x 50mm x 1.6mm

All your steel products covered

Through our network, GAM Steel can also assist with accessing the full range of steel sheet and coil products from our sister company, Coil Steels. With our team, chassis manufacturers have all the steel products needed to produce high-quality Australian-made steel chassis for caravans.

Coil Steels sheet range for caravan manufacturers covers:

GALVABOND® steel – G2 Z275

  • 0.50mm x 1220mm x 2440mm sheets
  • 1.90mm x 1220mm x 2440mm sheets


  • 1.90mm x 1220mm x 2440mm sheets

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